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Enhance Your #SmartHome With Tech #PowerTools

On today's #RealEstateRamble, I discuss how certain smart home technology devices can enhance your home sale. Even if you aren't selling your home, there are tech tools you can use to enhance your lifestyle and make your home safer, more energy efficient or simply "smarter."

Here is one idea I introduced on #TechTipThursday: Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Lite by TP-Link can turn any standard wall outlet into a way to turn devices on and off using your smartphone via the Kasa app.

One smart use for this smart plug would be to plug a lamp into it so you can control it while you're away on an extended vacation. Although you could do that with a timer, you could make it look more random by controlling it with your smartphone from the beach! Some people have also suggested using it to control the coffee pot or your hair curlers from the bed in the morning.

Your smart home is now getting smarter and smarter. Check back in for more helpful tips! Check out my #RealEstateRamble for more fun tips.


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